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Customer Reviews

We love to hear from our clients! Below are reviews that have been sent to us directly.

  • I did the 6 Week Program with Meals on Pointe and I can’t begin to express how awesome it was! I originally planned to try it and get a better idea of how to make my nutritional needs work for me. Half way through I realized I was enjoying it so much because I was looking forward to the food! When I expressed my nutritional needs, Jennifer and the team were responsive and extremely supportive. The food is so delicious and convenient that I asked Meals on Pointe to continue weekly deliveries and just surprise me with meals. I trust that it will always be fresh, delicious and most importantly meet my nutritional needs!
  • I just wanted to say thank you for the meals! The new menu is awesome and we will continue to order, I’ve sent the link to a few friends. Keep up the good work with amazing nutrition and also for having dietary options 👏👏
  • I have been using meal services for many years and trying to eat plant-based meals can be really challenging. Your veg meals are delicious and not just pasta- or bean-based. I love that you incorporate meat substitutes for classic meals as well. Portion size is excellent and I am eternally grateful that you include breakfast and snack items along with main meals. Not having to assemble meals is making a huge difference for me and my physical and mental health!

    I hope that you will be able to continue to provide some variety in your veg main meals from week to week.

    Thanks for feeding me Jennifer!


  • Meals on pointe is amazing. They deliver me all my pre-packed goodness Mondays so I have my meals for the week. Being back in the office again maes this perfect for me. I am busy most days and don't have the time to plan meals, shop, cook, clean-up all the mess. This is an extremely cost effective way to save me lots of hours each week. Their meals are way cheaper and similar or better quality to their more expensive competition. I highly recommend trying these guys out.  
  • These meals have been really great, I'm working two jobs and traveling between Airdrie/Calgary a lot so take-out food was most of my meals previously.
  • Everything is great! I definitely like that you added the Monday delivery. I like how you are continually adding to your menu and that you allow personalizations to menu items (like the turkey chilli on spinach).

    Thanks Jen!

  • I have been ordering meals from MOP since they started up. The meals are absolutely delicious, come in recyclable containers and the portions are perfect. Although they have many delicious menu items, I order the Breakfast HAsh and Chicken Ramen religiously. These meals have become a staple for me from Tuesday through Friday when I wouldn't have eaten before because I was too busy with work to make my own meals. A great additive for those that count their macros, these meals have abreaksdown of the macros already done for you. Thanks Meals on Pointe for keeping me fed!