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Our Story

Like many Calgary companies, we needed to adapt when the world shut down during the pandemic.

Our Director of Food & Beverage runs the restaurant at the Rally Pointe Volleyball Complex and decided to form Meals On Pointe to operate out of our little kitchen as a way to help ensure the facility survived the closures.

Meals On Pointe delivers fresh made, portioned, on the go meals.

All of our ingredients are locally sourced and our meals are scratch made in-house ensuring that

we are fully aware of the quality and content of every dish.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of meal and snack options for both adults and children.

Whether you are an athlete, on a fitness journey or just want to

maintain a healthy lifestyle, we can help you.

We use ​fresh protein and produce to e​nsure the highest quality and are happy to

offer gluten-free and dairy free options for those with dietary restrictions*.

All our meals are broken down into macros with a list of contents so that our clients are able

to easily plan out their daily food requirements and work within their specific diet.

*We cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur as all meals are prepared in the same kitchen.